Caetgory F Incoterms: Main Carriage Unpaid

  1. FAS: Free Alongside Ship (followed by the named port of shipment). When this is specified, both parties agree that the seller will clear goods for export and position them alongside the vessel of shipping into which they will be loaded. The buyer assumes possession of the goods as soon as they have arrived at the dock from which they will be shipped (the port of shipment/export).
  2. FCA: Free Carrier (followed by the named place). This code signifies that the seller will clear goods for export and transport them directly to the carrier that is specified by the buyer and waiting at a named location. When the goods arrive at that location, the buyer assumes possession. The “named place” is always domestic to the seller. The “carrier” can refer to an operator of any modality: shipping line, a trucker, rail freight operator, a career, or any other individual or company that can provide carriage. For the moment the goods have been delivered to the carrier, the buyer bears all risk of loss or damages.
  3. FOB: free on board (followed by the named port of shipment). This code shows that the seller is responsible for clearing the goods for export and for and risk involved in delivery of the goods “beyond the rail” at the named port of export. Title passes to the buyer when the goods cross the ship’s rail. Free on board is used only for shipping overwater (across seas and over inland waterways).