Who is the Super-You?

Nietzsche's concept of the "superman" intrigues me. What would the super version of you be? It is perhaps difficult to imagine, because the ideal *super* self would (should?) be fully unfettered of the programming of his/her primate caregivers and all other societal influencers, since nothing "super" in a self can be the product of less-than-super others.

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That bond-breaking must be the first task of the freedom seeker. But can we conceive of a new self when the self we know is a composite of other people's ideas about how we should live and think? If others essentially define the individual, can we even imagine, let alone realize, a higher self? Do we have to reference the ideals of others to arrive at a notion of our own, super-realized being? If so, there is no self that is standing free and independently. There is only the self inflicted on us by circumstance and socialisation. Is there an authentic, "pure" self? Might that be the superman that we should strive for?