Is it not important that a person’s life is filled with love? It seems to me that love can be of two types : love for people (including oneself – without which, life fails), and love for the civilising and edifying aspects and products of the world, since these give us comfort, pleasure, and reassurance that existence contains more than enough to make us happy – although we may need to cultivate our senses in order to appreciate what is fine and reject what is coarse.

In this post, I shall only cover only what I love, not who. Because this is a subjective topic, I cannot speak confidently about what others love, but I do know that many of my passions are shared by enough people to provide a plentiful flow of my most desired commodities.

In no particular order and in broad terms, this list describes my most enduring, satisfying, and optimism-creating stimuli. Maybe in a future post, I will articulate my interests in more detail. (This blog already gives you a strong indication of what topics consume my time, none of which would exist were it not for their enriching qualities.)

Society and cultures



Trade and economics


The visual arts and graphic design


Buddhism and Vedanta


My vocation



Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong

Asian food

Green tea

Technology (not for its own sake, but for what it allows us to do)




Fountain pens



Museums and art galleries

Classical Indian music

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