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Testing and Measuring Quality and Performance

Complex, multipart components, such as engines, have a higher probability of failure so must undergo check processes more frequently than simpler swappable parts or fittings. Benchmarking must identify the subcomponents most prone to failure. Checking processes must be frequent and thorough. Failed components are removed from the system; achieving components are installed.

If a component is statistically batch-representative and tests successfully, probability of batch quality can be considered high. However, if the test process nullifies the component’s usability, the component cannot be installed. For example, stringent testing might require stressing the component beyond the specification of authentic requirement. If metal-fatiguing or circuit-overloading tests are required for safety-critical systems, failure beyond requirement parameters is desirable. If a device fails at 130% overload when 105% is the benchmarked limit with tolerance factored, a higher degree of quality assurance is attained.