Enlightenment Right Now!

SATORI - Chamber Music Ensemble

If you can reconcile these statements, you are closer to enlightenment than you know:

<> When I was born I knew nothing of where I came or who I was.

<> When I die there will be longer exist a me to know or experience anything.

<> When I cease to exist therefore, whatever there is of me will know nothing of who or what I was or will be.

<> When I die, or very, very soon after, a new person will be born.

<> That new person will know nothing or who s/he is or where/what s/he came from.

<> Existence for the individual is a space between enormous curtains of time outside of which there is nothing, only non-self and non-awareness.

<> Consciousness (for the individual) is a moment through which reality - peers in at itself, the matter of the universe, as if it were observing a stage through a tiny, temporary hole in a vast curtain. The curtain is the ignorance that marks the state of non-self before and after life.

<> The universe observing itself is consciousness.