Research in Logistics/SCM

Dunn et al (1993) concluded that logistics, marketing, and operations research all risk underachievement if confined to a single philosophical and methodological domain. According to Näslund (2002) and Kotzab et al (2005), quantitative methodologies dominate logistics research, suggesting the discipline has acquired a positivist profile.

Important Supply Chain Management Acronyms (and Concepts)

SC Supply Chain SCM Supply Chain Management SCRM Supply Chain Risk Management SCRES Supply Chain Resilience SCV Supply Chain Vulnerability     BOM Bills of Materials BPR Business Process Reengineering CPFR Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment ECR Efficient Customer Response ESI Early Supplier Integration ICT Information Communication Technologies JIT Just-In-Time QR Quick Response MC Mass […]

Critiquing Supply Chain Risk Management

The literature of SCRM is coherent in its promulgation of SCM-compliant solutions to risk. Circularity colours the reasoning of SCRM: the issues of integration are resolvable by integration; risk is the product of uncertainty; SC solutions resolve SC problems. The question of SCRM’s applicability to non-SC systems is unaddressed, as too is the possibility that […]

Supply Chain Resilience

Christopher and Peck (2004) maintain that resilience in the SC demands flexibility and agility. SCRES is contingent on efficient transportation and communication systems – rudimentary variables commonly overlooked by SC theorists. SCRES addresses the post-disruption recoverability of the SC (Christopher and Peck, 2004; Peck, 2005). Ponomarov and Holcomb, (2009, p.131) provide a precise definition of […]

Supply Chain Vulnerability

To Jüttner and Maklan (2011), SCV is the managerial counterpart of SCRM. Similarly, to Blos et al (2009) and Christopher and Peck (2004), SCV is the susceptibility of the SC to the possibility and ramifications of disruption. Since anything at risk is vulnerable, SCRM declares the SC vulnerable. For this reason, SCV is commonly conceptualised […]