PR and Marketing: A 2020 Model (2)

If, as is shown in this diagram, PR enclosed all communications and marketing activities, then it acquires commercial significance at a stroke. A logical case for this is also apparent: since all marketing activities concern publics, then Public Relations is the natural sphere in which those activities should be managed. For this to be refuted, […]

PR and Marketing: A 2020 Model (1)

The following model (by Cornelissen, 2020) shows the relatedness and constituent activities of marketing and PR. The C area intrigues me most. According to the author, activities in C concern price, distribution, and product development. Of the solid rings in the model, C is by far the largest. Does this mean therefore that a company’s […]

Between Corp Comm and PR: Tech Comm as Central

This model centralises Tech Comm. This model is designed to describe communications practices in companies that are highly technical, so is less descriptive of communications practice in companies whose product is not technical. As in the PTC model described earlier, Tech Comm resides between Corp Comm and PR.

The Corp-Tech-PR Trinity

This model describes another way of operating and conceptualising Corporate Communication, Technical Communication, and Public Relations as three distinct, but interrelated, departments or functions. A: Corp Comm and Tech Comm joint-author messages for external stakeholders; PR acts as gatekeeperB: Tech Comm authors messages for external stakeholders; PR acts as gatekeeperC: Tech Comm and Corp Comm […]

Connecting PR and Corp Comm Through Tech Comm

Let’s consider what is these days a heresy: Corporate Communication is separate to Public Relations. The two operate largely in isolation, similar to the Marketing and PR silos described in the A (“Apart”/”Silo”) model. We will call this Model X, and illustrate it using the following model: In Model X, PR and Corporate Communication are […]

The 2008 Case For Social Media: 3. Did I Predict Instagram?

Available and Popular Social Media Platforms Currently, Social Media platforms take many forms. Defining categories for Social Media platforms is not simple, as they share many common functions and features. Following is a list of the main forms of Social Media platform currently available and popular. 

The 2008 Case For Social Media: 2. ATSICR

The Communication Advantages of Social Media: ATSICR Social Media presents challenges and opportunities, but the returns on the opportunities far outweigh the cost of engaging with the challenges. What can be achieved through the adoption of sensible and organized Social Media policy and practice can be summarized in the following phrase: Effective communication with increasingly […]

The 2008 Case For Social Media: 1. Unfinished but Prescient?

Background Oh the strange files found on ancient hard drives! This series of articles presents a document that I composed in 2008 but never finished due to reasons that escape me (workload, probably). Around that time, companies, particularly entrenched and laggardly companies, were struggling with the concepts and practices of Social Media. It was simply […]

Writing For an Audience

Audience Awareness Business and technical writing is often, arguably always, composed for the consumption of an audience, known or imagined. In formal writing on Technical Communication, audiences are often referred to as “discourse communities”. The term “user community” is also common, and less academic. “Readership” is another less technical term. Undoubtedly there are more. Could […]